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👋 i’m Galvin Lee

I'm currently a business student pursuing my Masters degrees at University of Bedfordshire and European International University. I have been professionally tutoring for 4+ years. So far, I have been tutoring classes for secondary school students nationwide. I was also an international-level debater and is currently coaching promising debaters in my Public Speaking, Debating & Critical Analysis (PSDCA) Program. I also manage several businesses in Malaysia.

Study Smart, Study Fast & You'll Be No. 1!

Students that have been under my guidance would surely understand the benefits of studying smart and studying fast. I believe in studying using effective and effective methods. I teach across a variety of platforms and in various subjects. Take a look at the classes I offer below.

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My kids are absolutely loving their lessons at Sri Sarjana. When I come home from work every night, I would hear the siblings talking among themselves how fun the classes were and I have never, in my life, seen them so enthusiastic about their studies! I have really found the perfect tuition centre with all these experienced educators!eatures and benefits, my clients get to enjoy the advantages of a time-tested and refined workflow that is custom-tailored to each project!



I never regretted sending my children to Sri Sarjana. I usually had to chase my Form 2 and Form 4 kids to do their homework but I no longer have to with the help of Sri Sarjana. Every night after their dinner, they would sit together with their laptops ready for online classes. I have seen the lessons myself, they are of incredible quality!



Back then while I was studying for my own SPM, I knew how hard it was so I gave all the support I could to my children. Although I could guide them in their studies, I was no where near the quality of the tutors at Sri Sarjana. They never fail to impress me with their stunning notes and useful exam techniques. They don't only teach - they really have motivated my child to put in his best for SPM! 


Bank Manager

I have followed Mr Galvin on YouTube for quite awhile as he usually uploads his incredible lessons there. In 2020, I made the right choice to join his class during MCO and I had loads of fun every weekend. He tells really good jokes and teaches really effective methods to study. I believe those were the very same techniques that made him into such a successful student. I am looking forward to be as successful as he is.