Weekly Classes

I teach weekly classes to students from Primary 6 to Form 5. Currently, the classes are conducted on Sri Sarjana Education Group’s cutting-edge online class infrastructure due to the pandemic. Students nationwide from English, Malay and Chinese syllabi are welcome. I currently conduct classes for English, Science, Physics, Chemistry and Geografi. At the same time, I coach students in my exclusive Public Speaking, Debate & Critical Analysis Program. You may discover more at Sri Sarjana’s official website.

Live Webinars

From time to time, I will organise live webinars on my Facebook page and YouTube channel. I will cover selected topics in these sessions as well as answer any questions from the students and viewers. My Saturday Night Live sessions – Cuba Dulu Baru Tahu has amassed a great following over time where I divulge my secrets in answering exam questions.


YouTube Videos

I record lessons and post them on my YouTube channel for all students to watch and learn. Some of the classes are previews to my full-length weekly classes so students can use it as a taster lesson before enrolling for my classes. I also post study tips on my channel from time to time.

TikTok Videos

There is no where better for students to get together and learn than TikTok. As the platform only allows videos up to 3 minutes, I am able to make short and simple videos covering one past year questions which effectively shows the efficient ways to answer a question.

Sarjana Holiday Program 2020

Holiday Program

During the holidays, students are usually given a long break away from their studies. This is when I will organise various fun programs for students to play and learn at the same time. In December 2020, I organised the Sarjana Holiday Program (SHoP) which saw the participation of over 500 students in fun activities such as debating workshops, arts and crafts workshops, writing workshops, coding workshops, career workshops and more!

Books & Modules

In order for students to get the most out of my teaching, I deploy smart and easy ways to study especially when it comes to memorising for exams and fulfilling question requirements. Therefore, I have published various reference books and modules for the subjects I teach which includes plenty of secret techniques which have proven to lead students to scoring A+. With my techniques, they are able to upgrade themselves to be more holistic students, effectively improving all-around, even in subjects like Sejarah and Geografi.


One-to-One Classes

For students that prefer smaller class forms, I also provide one-to-one classes to selected students. They will be able to arrange classes according to their preferences and I will try my best to meet their studying requirements. To arrange these classes with me, kindly use the contact form.

Want to Join my Classes?

You can the official website of Sri Sarjana Education Group to claim your ONE WEEK FREE TRIAL to all my classes!